Just as AMC wrapped one historical drama in Hell on Wheels, so too will Revolutionary War drama Turn: Washington’s Spies come to an imminent end. AMC has officially confirmed a fourth and final season for the Jamie Bell series, completing the Culper Ring in 2017.

Per the network’s official announcement, Turn: Washington’s Spies will close out Season 4 in 2017 with 10 final episodes, still under showrunner Craig Silverstein. The former Nikita boss also renewed his overall development deal, and will develop new projects for AMC.

Says AMC of the renewal/cancellation:

‘TURN: Washington’s Spies’ has always had a lofty goal - to tell the real story of the American Revolution from the ground up. To capture the truth about the choice regular people had to make to support what has become the United States of America. It frequently involved turning against friends and family, and it always involved risking everything.

Craig Silverstein, Barry Josephson, and their incredible team introduced us to the Culper Ring who have reminded us that without human intelligence, the war may have had a very different outcome. We are excited to see this story of betrayal and rebellion, and the sacrifices therein, through to completion in a fourth season.

The third season averaged 1.2 million viewers per episode, but will a final 10 send the Revolutionary War off in style? Is Jamie Bell about to embrace that sweet, sweet freedom?

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