It looks like neither Showtime, nor David Lynch were pulling our legs after all: Twin Peaks is back! Atop the four new episodes available to watch on streaming, Showtime has released the updated opening credits for the 2017 series, haunting theme music and all.

Yes, those credits you like have come back in style, replacing a few of the static location shots of Twin Peaks with overhead shots of the waterfall, and the Red Room’s flowing curtains. Is there a hidden significance to gleam toward the next eighteen episodes? You can bet Reddit’s going to get to the bottom of that one.

Those who actually watched the two-part premiere will remember that a significant amount of time was spent within the classic Red Room (exactly twenty-five years for Cooper), but it remains to be seen how much we’ll see of that mysterious lounge going forward, or wherever Cooper ends up next.

In the meantime, you can watch the first four Twin Peaks episodes (two of which have yet to air) on Showtime Anytime, and stay tuned for more on Sunday’s big premiere.

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