The past few weeks have seen the advertising campaign for 'The Dark Knight Rises' fly into full swing. Now that 'The Avengers' has been out for a month, the coast is reasonably clear on the superhero movie front and Christopher Nolan's third Bat-Adventure is ready to consume your banner ads, your TV spots, your theatrical trailers and the posters and banners hanging in your local multiplex. Keeping with the pattern of releasing approximately thirty seven new posters each day until release, here are a few new banners to keep you Bat-Fans satiated!

Nothing says "Happy Memorial Day Weekend!" quite like getting stared down by Batman and Catwoman, huh? They may not be the most inspired pieces of advertising in the world, but they do a good job of letting you know that Yes, This Is A Batman Movie and Yes, Catwoman Is In It, Too. What think you? Do these banners have you even more excited for July 20th?

A tip of the hat to Coming Soon for these.