Everything is looking up for all of those who are attached to Marvel Studios right now, especially president Kevin Feige. His company paved the way for crossing over characters and boldly making the first monstrous superhero crossover film, 'The Avengers'. It's a milestone for comics and film, you can't deny that. And now Marvel is busy planning their next films.

So what does Kevin Feige propose he's going to do next? To make more superhero movies, of course. This year we're just dealing with only 'The Avengers,' but the years after that we'll be littered with two Marvel movies per summer.

During an interview with Bloomberg, which you can watch here, Feige mentioned that the company's  looking forward to what they'll make next. They've already got 'Iron Man 3,' 'Thor 2' and 'Captain America 2' scheduled, but there's still two more movies that have yet to be announced.

May we be finally getting the Edgar Wright 'Ant Man' movie we've been hearing about for a couple of years now? It's still in development and Wright reportedly handed in a script recently, but the director is set to begin filming 'The World's End' fairly soon, so we likely won't be seeing any real movement on this Marvel movie until at least the end of this year.

Then there's the question of the Hulk and Black Widow. We all love Jeremy Renner and his version of Hawkeye but the two characters people were raving about the most were Black Widow and, especially, the Hulk. Ruffalo has already admitted to signing a contract that has him as our Bruce Banner/Hulk for at least a couple more films. Who's to say Marvel won't try again for another Hulk movie? At the same time, Black Widow is the only woman in the group and Natasha Romanoff's sordid past was talked about a bit throughout 'The Avengers.' Maybe they'll green light a Black Widow movie, that way we can find out more on the Russian spy. Of course, there's always the potential 'Guardians of the Galaxy' movie, which will help explain that post-credits tag on 'The Avengers.'

Either way, we have a lot of Marvel movies to look forward to. 'Iron Man 3' is shooting in a week and a half while 'Thor 2' will begin filming after the end of this summer. Both of those movies are scheduled for release in the summer of next year with 'Captain America 2' to begin filming next year. It certainly is an exciting time for Marvel Studios.

Let's open up the question to the rest of you: which Marvel superhero would you like to see get their own film that hasn't received one already?