'Under the Skin' premiered at the Telluride film festival this week in Colorado, and while it's garnered some divisive reviews, we've got our first look at this sexy and very creepy new sci-fi thriller from Jonathan Glazer, director of 'Sexy Beast' and 'Birth.' Starring Scarlett Johansson, the film promises to deliver some very strange and seductive visuals -- if this first teaser is any indication.

In the film, Johansson plays an alien who comes to earth and hunts men using her sex appeal as a weapon. She seduces men into bed and then kills them -- so it's sort of like 'Species,' but actually, you know, not stupid. Eventually, Johansson's character starts to feel guilty about all the men she's been killing.

The first teaser is very strange and mysterious, with visuals of disfigurement, a semi-nude Johansson, some sort of blue figure floating in darkness, a man dragging someone through water, and the sounds of a baby crying. It's very reminiscent of David Lynch, so don't expect the film to be grounded in a straight forward narrative. It seems more enigmatic than that -- and for that reason (and for Johansson, who looks killer -- pun intended), we're excited.

'Under the Skin' doesn't currently have a release date, but we'll keep you posted.