For weeks now the 'Up All Night's debacle has been kicking into high gear, as prior to shooting even one episode of the struggling NBC series' three-camera retool, series star Christina Applegate abandoned ship. Most recently, we'd heard that fellow stars Maya Rudolph and Will Arnett were eying their own departures, Rudolph disclosing a fourth pregnancy and Arnett being courted for a new multi-camera CBS pilot, and now the latter has been made official. Will Arnett will lead Greg Garcia's untitled new comedy, but is NBC still holding on to 'Up All Night?'

Fans of 'Up All Night,' it really might be time to throw in the blankie. After a series of creative departures from the series and most recently star Christina Applegate's exit, 'Up All Night' may lose its male lead as well. Outlets are reporting that Will Arnett has officially signed on to 'Raising Hope' creator Greg Garcia's untitled CBS comedy pilot, albeit in second position to the floundering 'Up All Night.'

While still technically bound to 'Up All Night,' Arnett's new role in the CBS comedy would see the 'Arrested Development' funnyman as a recent divorcé whose life grows more complicated as his parents experience problems in their marriage, and move in with him.

When last we heard, NBC still hoped to shoot at least one episode of 'Up All Night' under its new three-camera format, potentially writing Applegate's character out rather than recast. It remains to be seen if the network will take Arnett's pilot news as a final blow, or keep him bound to 'Up All Night' for additional episodes.

What say you? Should NBC cut their losses and cancel 'Up All Night?' What would you rather see Will Arnett in next?