Many TV viewers and 'Up All Night' fans assumed the end was nigh the moment NBC announced it would put the struggling comedy on hiatus, and re-tool the single-camera sitcom into a three-camera laugh track effort. Yet even as show-runner Emily Spivey departed, the show appeared to be ready to start its new format until series star Christina Applegate dealt the most deadly blow yet, departing the show altogether. NBC still intends to salvage the show, but will new potential exits from Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph be the final nail in the coffin?

Despite the consistently anemic ratings of NBC's parenting comedy 'Up All Night,' the peacock had hoped to save the series if only for its A-list casting of Christina Applegate, Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph. Now, in the wake of Christina Applegate's departure and NBC's wait to officially cancel the series, it seems Arnett and Rudolph have already begun eying their own departures from the struggling comedy.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that CBS has begun actively courting Arnett for the lead role in Greg Garcia ('Raising Hope')'s upcoming CBS pilot about a recently-divorced man whose parents move in with him, while Rudolph has disclosed her fourth pregnancy to producers. Sources say that writers originally planned to work Rudolph's pregancy into the storyline, but that the show's seemingly-imminent implosion will make it a moot point.

Neither star has officially been released from 'Up All Night,' but what say you? Will it be long before NBC officially cuts their losses and declares 'Up All Night' put to sleep? Give us your thoughts in the comments below!