Jordan Peele’s Us is a very scary movie all on its own. If you are a fan of 1980s cinema and horror movies in general though, there’s an extra layer of the film to enjoy — because Us is filled with references and homages to our collective pop-culture past. The tagline of the movie is “Watch Yourself.” If you watch Us just as closely, you will see plenty of Easter eggs as well.

Below, I’ve highlighted ten of my favorite examples from the movie. They include references to movies, music videos, and even a board game or two. Some are clues, foreshadowing where the film’s mysterious plot is going long before there are any overt explanations. Others reinforce Peele’s various themes about doubles, duplicates, or the horror that comes from within. Some help inspire the looks of the characters. Others are just really funny jokes.

Here they are, in no particular order. Also, please be advised that this piece contains major SPOILERS for Us. If you don’t want to know them, don’t read further. Don’t come after us with scissors afterwards if you’re angry about finding out the dark secret of Us’ creepy double family. Go see the movie first — it’s worth it — then come back and see what you might have missed.

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