It's been nearly two years since the epic conclusion of the fourth season of 'The Venture Bros.' That means we've somehow lived two years without the funniest, smartest and geekiest show on television. With the fifth season (hopefully) premiering before the year is out, five images have made their way online to make the wait even more difficult.

For those unfamiliar with the show, 'The Venture Bros.' takes place in world inspired by comic books and '60s adventure cartoons and follows the Venture family (including failed super scientist/adventurer Dr. Venture and his sons) as they deal with their day-to-day problems. Naturally, these problems range from struggling to pay the bills to dealing with attacks by psychotic super villains. This combination of the mundane and the extraordinary (alongside the show's often astonishing pop culture vocabulary) makes 'The Venture Bros.' different than anything else on television. It even stands out on its own network -- the show's massive cast of relatable characters and its keen attention to detail and continuity are in sharp contrast with its non sequitur-driven Adult Swim brethren.

Co-creator Jackson Publick updated fans on the show's status via his blog, where he also debuted five stills from the upcoming Halloween episode. Although the episode will air sometime in October, the official date hasn't been set yet (the same goes for the rest of the season). Until we know more, satiate yourself with these:

In his blog post, Publick writes that they hope there won't be another two year gap between this season and the next. He also said the same thing about this season, so don't get too excited. Still, if this new batch of episodes is as good as the last, they should be allowed to take as much time as they want.