Ever since the 'Veronica Mars' kickstarter soared passed its $2 Million goal within hours of launching, the film became a fait accompli. Which made it unlikely that creator/writer/director Rob Thomas didn't already have plans for Kristen Bell and the rest of the cast. Now he's revealed some of the details of the upcoming movie.

Talking to TVLine, he told them that the film will be focused on a high school reunion as it was the only plausible way to bring back all the characters that people cared about (also give an excuse for whomever doesn't show up). The Kickstarter campaign suggested that a number of the cast besides Bell would be returning (including Enrico Colantoni as Veronica's dad, who will have a prominent role), but Thomas says that not everyone will be returning -- though Thomas only mentions Veronica's dog Backup, and Amanda Seyfried's character's ghost.

Also in the interview, Thomas says that Veronica is currently dating someone, and has graduated law school, but has yet to pass the bar. She's been out of private investigations since the end of the series, and Thomas is looking to make a PG-13 film that won't be that mythology-heavy as he wants it to appeal to people who may not know the show. Currently the kickstarter campaign is at $3.7 Million, which means that it's decidedly slowed down since crossing their initial $2 Million goal, so he's right to want to make something that isn't just for the hardcore if this is going to lead to more 'Mars.'