Universal is plunging ahead with their remake of David Cronenberg's body horror classic 'Videodrome,' and they've chosen an interesting director to helm the project: award-winning commercial director Adam Berg. Long live the new flesh?

David Cronenberg's 'Cosmopolis' hits theaters this Friday, so Deadline's report of Adam Berg signing on to remake one of the director's most-loved films is timely. Universal has officially signed Berg for 'Videodrome,' the story of a television executive (played in the original by James Woods) who oversees Civic TV Channel 83, a station that highlights torture and murder for an increasingly bloodthirsty audience. In true Cronenberg form, the film takes a surreal and violent turn into body horror territory when he discovers a brand new kind of boundary-pushing entertainment, and the strange and sinister people behind it.

Cronenberg's film foretold a future in which audiences crave increasingly realistic and sensational violence, and explored our relationship with media and technology.

It's appropriate then, that commercial director Adam Berg has been chosen. A first-time feature director, Berg won the Film Grand Prix at the Cannes Lion International Advertising Festival for his Carousel ad for Philips. You can watch the commercial below, which features a freeze-frame of violent clowns in a stand-off with police during one long, single take.

The commercial is interesting and gives us hope for Berg's vision of 'Videodrome,' which will be produced by Ehren Kruger, who also wrote the script, and Daniel Bobker. Kruger is best known for his work scripting 'Arlington Road,' 'Scream 3,' 'The Ring,' 'The Ring Two,' and the last two 'Transformers' films. That resume has us a little concerned.