The Walking Dead’ season 4 shambled out its 10th entry with Sunday’s “Inmates,” but how did it hold up to the comic book continuity? All the remaining survivor groups search for one another in the aftermath of the prison, as Tyreese encounters a familiar face and Glenn picks up some exciting new company, so what’s next for ‘The Walking Dead’ as the fourth season continues?

As AMC’s incarnation weaves in and out of storylines from the books and adds its own original characters and developments, we’ve compiled an in-depth guide for fans of the comic as well as AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ to enjoy! Check all the comparisons we found, and let us know your thoughts on ‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 episode 10, “Inmates,” in the comments below!


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    Daryl and Beth


    Nope! Nothin’ to see here. As any comic fan worth their salt well knows, neither the Dixon brothers nor Beth have any comic counterparts, even as Hershel had many children in the books, some of which could be approximated to Beth. By the time of the prison’s fall however, Maggie remained the only surviving member of the Greene family.

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    Tyreese, Lizzie, Mika and ... Judith?!


    AMC: Congratulations, eagle-eyed finale-watchers! It seems Tyreese had indeed been carrying baby Judith away from the prison (seen in this GIF), leaving his own blood in the carseat before Rick and Carl found it, and assumed the worst. The episode picks up with Tyreese, Judith and sisters Lizzie and Mika, though curiously, none of the other children they were seen to be with at the time.

    THE COMICS: In the books, Tyreese succumbed to the headless fate that AMC had the Governor give to Hershel, though Hershel perished in the conflict as well. Lizzie and Mika at least can be seen as an analogue of comic character Allen’s children Ben and Billy, who indeed survived the prison’s downfall, though poor baby Judith was rather explicitly crushed by her mother Lori, who had been hit in the back with a shotgun blast in the Grimes family’s attempted escape.

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    Lizzie's Rabbit Habit

    AMC / Image

    AMC: Though the moment happens somewhat quickly, Lizzie covertly slits the throats of a group of rabbits living in a log (seen later as corpses when Daryl and Beth pass), while Tyreese and Mika look on. This presumably identifies Lizzie as the culprit of a similar act of butchery from “Too Far Gone,” as well as the rats along the fence.

    THE COMICS: Lizzie has no direct comic counterpart, though her mutilation habit clearly links her to the similarly homicidal Ben, who was seen to perform identical acts with a dead cat after the prison’s fall, eventually killing his twin brother, given how the zombie apocalypse fundamentally warped his concept of death. Watch your back, Mika!

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    Carol Returns!

    AMC / Image

    AMC: Carol surprises Tyreese by protecting Lizzie and Mika from a walker attack, claiming to have seen the aftermath of the prison’s fall, and attempting to track them for several days. As Tyreese never learned that Carol claimed responsibility for Karen’s murder, or that Rick exiled her, Carol claims to have been separated from Rick on their last run, obscuring the true reason for her absence.

    THE COMICS: Exciting and tense as it is to have Carol in close quarters with both Tyreese and the girls, the characters have taken quite separate paths from the books. There, Carol and Tyreese had been together since back at Hershel’s farm, well into their stay at the prison, though Tyreese’s indiscretions with Michonne eventually ruined their relationship. Carol slit her wrists, eventually recovering, but displaying some troubled behavior thereafter. Eventually, Carol took her own life by offering herself to a captive walker, while Tyreese died during the Governor’s assault on the prison.

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    Sanctuary At Terminus

    AMC / Image

    AMC: After a tip from the dying father, Tyreese, Carol, Judith, Lizzie and Mika follow the railroad tracks toward a potential save haven, finding a sign that promises “sanctuary for all, community for all,” at a location marked “TERMINUS” at a map. Given the language, it seems likely this “Terminus” is the same sanctuary alluded to by Daryl’s radio broadcast earlier in the season, something Tyreese was also present for.

    THE COMICS: “Terminus” has no direct counterpart to the comics, though it could certainly be speculated that the sanctuary is either an allusion to, or an adaptation of the “Alexandria Safe Zone,” which Rick and the other survivors would next come to occupy after the fall of the prison. Along with other communities and factions discovered, Alexandria still currently stands in the comics.

    "Sanctuary" also refers to a specific location that serves as a base for the villainous "Saviors," though series creator Robert Kirkman has previously stated we wouldn't be meeting Negan this season.

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    Maggie, Bob, Sasha and the Bus


    AMC: Despondent without Glenn, Maggie drags a wounded Bob and Sasha to find the departed prison bus, eventually encountering the vehicle stopped on a highway. Inside, the last remaining Woodbury survivors have all become walkers, though it isn’t explained exactly how.

    THE COMICS: Sasha’s closest comic counterpart would be that of Tyreese’s daughter Julie, who died as part of a failed suicide pact with her boyfriend Chris in the early days of the prison. Meanwhile, the Bob Stookey of the books was an older white man who patched up the Governor after Michonne’s assault, but was never known to be anywhere near the prison. The same goes for those left in Woodbury, whose fates were never revealed after the Governor’s failed assault.

    As for Maggie, she and Glenn left the prison along with its weaker inhabitants, prior to the Governor’s attack. She and Glenn returned to Hershel’s still-standing farm, eventually reuniting with Rick, Michonne and Carl in the wild.

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    Glenn and Tara


    AMC: Having gotten off the prison bus without our knowledge, Glenn awakens in a bombed out section of the prison, returning to gather a few supplies and mementos (suiting up in riot gear) before heading out again. Along the way, Glenn finds Tara and convinces her to help him escape, successfully fighting their way out of the prison and toward the highway, wherein Glenn learns of Hershel’s fate.

    THE COMICS: Tara never appeared in the comic books, but rather Robert Kirkman’s prequel novel ‘Rise of the Governor,’ wherein she’d been left alive and well with her sister (not Lilly). Glenn, meanwhile, had departed the prison with Maggie prior to the Governor’s assault. Rick and the remaining survivors had been somewhat prepared to evacuate the prison, though no one was ever seen to return for any remaining supplies. Finally, both Maggie and Glenn learned of Hershel's demise from Rick, upon reuniting with he, Michonne and Carl in the wild.

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    Lilly's Fate

    AMC / Image

    AMC: After she and Glenn make it to the highway, Tara mentions having seen her sister Lilly swarmed by walkers, despite the gun she used to end the Governor’s life for good. That being said, we’ve certainly seen Tyreese (and now Judith) return from similarly dire implied fates.

    THE COMICS: The comic Lilly (neither Tara’s sister, nor the Governor’s lover) was indeed present at the final battle, even shooting the Governor dead for her disgust at having killed Lori and Judith. Lilly and the surviving forces retreated into the prison, running out of ammunition, which was implied to be their ultimate end. That said, in neither case was the end explicitly shown, for all the implications that could make.

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    Meet Abraham, Rosita and Eugene!

    AMC / Image

    AMC: As Glenn passes out fending off their walker pursuers, Tara continues to bludgeon the last of them as a military truck rolls up. Tara chides the arrivals for standing idly by during the fight, before out of the truck steps a mustachioed military man with an M-16, his Spanish female companion, and a portly mulleted man in shorts clutching a walkie-talkie. The military man asks, “You got a damn mouth on you, you know that …what else you got?”

    THE COMICS: Though perhaps none less randomly, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene first popped up at the return to Hershel’s farm, by which time Rick and the others had all been reunited. Their first meeting proved similarly standoffish, as Andrea trained her rifle on the mostly compliant group, though Abraham quickly proved his value in taking out several straggling walkers, before explaining his and Eugene’s surprising mission to thwart the zombie apocalypse.