The Walking Dead fans know in their bones the Season 6 finale will prove a skull-crusher, what with Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan finally making his anticipated appearance. Fans have driven themselves batty trying to figure out who might suffer the fate in line with Negan’s first comic appearance, but a leaked finale report claims we might not learn at all.

Take this all with a grain of salt for now, and be warned of major spoilers, but a new report from HNGN compiling details from the often-impeccable Spoiling Dead (h/t Vanity Fair) suggests that while Negan will indeed deliver the famed killing blow from barbed wire bat “Lucille,” we won’t actually learn his victim:

He debates killing Maggie, who is suffering from intense labor pain, but Glenn interjects … After a sickening game of “eeny, meeny, miny moe,” Negan makes his choice and bashes the character’s head in with Lucille…

Unfortunately, it sounds like we have no idea who that choice is. The camera shifts to the character’s point of view so we never actually see who is killed.

Absurd though that might sound, it could fit with purportedly leaked footage of Jeffrey Dean Morgan filming the scene in question, which indeed appeared to show the actor swinging directly at the camera, rather than a specific character. Should the leaks prove accurate, a cliffhanger of that nature would undoubtedly stir the fanbase, some of whom have yet to forgive the fakeout of Glenn’s death last year.

We’ll find out for sure on April 3, but might The Walking Dead cop out on one of its most iconic moments, at least until October?

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