Did you really think the biggest show on television would be completely absent from the Super Bowl? Of course not! Although there won't be any actual 'The Walking Dead' trailers playing during the big game (you can watch the latest one right here, though), a few Time Warner Cable commercials have borrowed the iconography (and a certain cast member) from the show in an amusing way. Watch them below!

Both commercials are a variation on the same joke: a woman attempts to clean her home and take care of her family despite the fact that the entire house if overrun with the living dead. The first spot is incredibly brief and centered around a single gag, but the second is a bit more, er, fleshed out and features a cameo appearance from everyone's favorite crossbow-wielding redneck, Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus).

Although you normally wouldn't call anything 'The Walking Dead' related "cute," these ads are, well, cute. Check 'em out right under this sentence.

'The Walking Dead' returns on February 10th.