A 'Walking Dead' star is going from the realm of flesh-eating zombies to the arguably worse world of greed-driven Wall Street stockbrokers -- but at least he gets to work with director Martin Scorsese while doing so.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Jon Bernthal, whose tormented cop Shane shuffled off this mortal coil -- twice -- at the end of season two of 'The Walking Dead,' is joining Scorsese's production of 'The Wolf of Wall Street,' based on the memoir by Jordan Belfort.

Belfort, to be played by Leonardo DiCaprio, was a penny stockbroker from Long Island who became a huge success on Wall Street, only to end up going to jail for 20 months on charges of securities fraud. Hard-partying, fast-rising Wall Street guy breaking the law -- and getting punished for it? Is this a science fiction film?

Anyway, Bernthal will play a drug dealer and money launderer, which should let him fit nicely among the guys in suits down on the Stock Exchange. The cast also includes Jonah Hill ('Moneyball') and Jean DuJardin ('The Artist').

Bernthal is hardly lacking for work ever since taking a bullet to the brain on AMC's hugely popular horror series. He recently nabbed the lead in a show called 'L.A. Noir' for TNT under the direction of former 'Walking Dead' showrunner Frank Darabont, and also appears in 'Snitch,' a new crime thriller also starring Susan Sarandon and Dwayne Johnson.

And now he gets to work with Marty! Seems like Shane is enjoying life after death after all.