A few months back, LEGO announced new sets based on beloved properties like Doctor Who and WALL-E, and much rejoicing was heard across the vast geek land. Now we have our first look at LEGO’s WALL-E, and he’s just as cute as you could ever hope for a LEGO WALL-E to be.

Smyths Toys (via The Brick Fan) revealed our first look at the Wall-E set, which allows builders to construct their very own WALL-E robot, complete with a tiny potted plant proving that life, uh, finds a way. This WALL-E has movable hands, rotating tracks, and a compartment in his torso area to store that little plant and keep it safe:


LEGO WALL-E will arrive on retail shelves in December, and will run you about $40. That price may seem a little steep, but he is a larger scale figure, and can you really put a price on happiness? I think not.

The WALL-E set was one of a few chosen from LEGO’s Ideas, a site designed by the manufacturer to allow fans to submit and vote on new ideas for LEGO sets. Some other popular ideas up for vote on the site right now include Rivendell from The Hobbit, The Beatles and their Yellow Submarine, and a Hulkbuster set based on Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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