When a film like 'The Avengers' makes over a half a billion domestic, and over a billion worldwide (and counting), it's going to inspire some like-minded films. So it's no surprise Warner Brothers and DC Comics have hired a writer to pen a 'Justice League' film.

And that person is 'Gangster Squad' screenwriter Will Beall, who Variety reports has been working on the script for a while, but hasn't turned in his draft. Beall is also working on the 'Lethal Weapon' remake/reboot/whatever-you-want-to-call-it.

If Warner Brothers has had this on their plate for a while that means at least one piece of casting is assured: Henry Cavill as Superman. There's no way he's not under contract for the film. What's unknown is if Christian Bale or Joseph Gordon-Levitt (or, really, any of the cast of the Christopher Nolan Batman films) would join up, especially as their fates are currently questionable. And it's possible that Ryan Reynolds could return as Green Lantern.

But if they're following 'The Avengers' model, it may be smart to cast someone else as Batman, especially if Warner Brothers plans on rebooting the Bat-franchise down the line (say, in the next three or four years), which seems very, very likely (though partly 'Amazing Spider-Man' contingent - if that film flops it will be blamed on a too-soon return). But using 'Justice League' as a selling point of a totally new Batman would be smart.

Of course, Warner Brothers was pretty far down the line with a 'Justice League' movie with George Miller at the helm, but that fell apart in 2008. Perhaps - dependent on Miller's 'Mad Max sequel 'Fury Road' - he could conceivably be brought back, but that seems unlikely.