It's Friday, and we're all about ready to check out at this point, but there's nothing quite like a fresh cup of insanity to start off your day, or in the case of some Adult Swim viewers, keep you awake for days to come. Find out for yourself with the new 'Too Many Cooks' video making the rounds, a clever riff on the golden-age sitcom, with nothing amiss about it at all! Or is there? No, there isn't. But maybe there is!

Created by 'Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell' director Chris Casper Kelly, the bizarre short has been airing late nights on Adult Swim in the "infomercials" block, ostensibly to throw off anyone who happens to be flipping by. The video starts off simple enough, seeming like a parody of classic sitcom credits, until things start spiraling...well, you should probably see for yourself.

So take 12 minutes out of your day (yes, it's 12 minutes, and you really shouldn't skip ahead), and enjoy one of the weirder things Adult Swim has ever bestowed upon the world. Your life will be all the...something...for it.

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