Dogs can’t play Catchphrase! Try telling that to Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, who faced off against perhaps the most motley crew ever assembled to play a Tonight Show game – well, so far, at least – including host Jimmy Fallon, guest Jack McBrayer (forever an NBC page to us), and Kingsman: The Secret Service star Colin Firth. If everyone present looks confused, it’s because they are, almost gloriously so.

McBrayer and Triumph are currently starring together on their own show – The Jack and Triumph Show, naturally – so as their chemistry is suitably strong, Fallon separated them as a team, meaning that he and a nearly deranged (and especially foul-mouthed) Triumph had to go up against McBrayer and Firth, who looked so baffled by the whole thing that it almost had to be a put-on. Turns out, when a dog participates in Catchphrase, absolutely no one can play Catchphrase. 

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