The beautiful and talented Isla Fisher first popped up on our radar in 'Wedding Crashers' back in 2005, but the actress had been working for years before she caught our eye. In today's Way Back When, we take a look at her lesser-known roles.

'Paradise Beach'

One of Isla Fisher's very first roles was on the short-lived Australian TV series 'Paradise Beach' in 1993. Fisher played the very Aussie-named Robyn Devereaux Barsby, and you can check her out in this clip, in which she's a cute little surfing teenager:

'Home and Away'

Many Australian actors and actresses did some time on this beachy soap opera, which began its run in 1988 and is still on the air today. Graduates from the series include Chris Hemsworth, Heath Ledger, Melissa George, Julian McMahon and Ryan Kwanten, among many others. Isla Fisher played the character of Shannon Reed on the series, and you can see her work in the full episode below:

'The Pool'

In 2001, Fisher starred opposite James McAvoy in 'The Pool,' a film that follows a group of friends who attend the International High School in Prague. On the eve of their graduation, they decide to throw a party at Prague's biggest pool, and what should be a fun night turns into a night of horror as they're picked off one by one.


Fisher next starred on an episode of the corny TV series 'BeastMaster' as a nature demon named Maraka, who puts the BeastMaster on trial when she suspects he hasn't been tending to the animals as he promised he would.


In the live-action 'Scooby-Doo' film, Fisher played Mary Jane (GET IT?), the object of affection for Shaggy (Matthew Lillard). In this clip, the two bond over their love of eating dog treats.

'I Heart Huckabees'

Fisher had a small but funny part in David O. Russell's 'I Heart Huckabees,' as the woman brought in to replace Naomi Watts' department store spokesmodel character, after Watts has an existential crisis and refuses to make herself presentable and be pretty all of the time.

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