You loved him this year in 'The Bourne Legacy' and as Hawkeye in 'The Avengers,' but in today's Way Back When, we visit Jeremy Renner before he was a big star.

'Senior Trip'

Jeremy Renner's first role was in National Lampoon's 1995 movie 'Senior Trip,' in which a group of slacker students in detention have to write a letter to the president explaining why our school system is so broke. When the president loves their letter (this is obviously a work of fiction), they go on a field trip to Washington, D.C. to meet him. Renner plays a character named Mark "Dags" D'Agostino, and you can check out his totally period-accurate ensemble of bad long hair and a flannel below:

'Deadly Games'

You may not recall this short-lived television series that ran 13 episodes from 1995 to 1996 -- 'Deadly Games' followed an anti-matter physicist who, to cope with his divorce, developed a video game in which he got to be the hero all of the time. Yeah, totally pre-dating Judd Apatow movies with this man-child stuff. Renner brought along his regrettable hair from 'Senior Trip' that makes him look like New Devon Sawa for an episode of 'Deadly Games' called "Boss," which also stars Christopher Lloyd (what?) and a mean LeVar Burton (whaaaat?):

'Paper Dragons' (Language NSFW)

In 1996, Renner played a hooligan down with some drug dealers in the film 'Paper Dragons.' The story follows a small-time gangster who gets in bad with some dealers and is left for dead, but then a monastery takes him in (of course) and trains him in the ways of kung-fu. You know, like most '90s movies. Oh, and hey, Renner still has that horrible hair:

'Strange Luck'

As we discovered recently on his episode of 'SNL,' Renner can sing, but apparently he was singing on the small screen waaay back in 1996 on this episode of the short-lived series (aren't they all?) 'Strange Luck,' about a guy whose mixture of good and bad luck involves him in other people's business -- uh, yeah, that's called coincidence and it happens to everyone. Silly TV. Renner somehow looks even more ridiculous than before as "Jojo Picard," the lead singer of a band:

'A Friend's Betrayal'

Remember in the '90s when Brian Austin Green starred in at least half of the made-for-TV movies? That was such a great time. Renner also popped up on this one, titled 'A Friend's Betrayal,' as Green's dopey buddy (and still, with that hair again). The movie tells the story of a teenager named Paul who falls for a family friend named Nina -- a much older woman. This upsets his parents, but it's not until his high school girlfriend is accidentally hit by a car that he decides to break off the illicit affair. We miss made-for-TV '90s classics:

Kodak Commercial

Apparently using Kodak film will get you mixed up with aliens and scary government men in suits who want to keep you quiet about accidentally taking a picture of a UFO while on vacation: