Will Arnett became a huge comedic force after his portrayal of Gob Bluth in 'Arrested Development,' and ever since he's been cracking us up with appearances in movies and television. In today's Way Back When, we take a look at Arnett's lesser-known work when he was just an actor trying to get our attention.

Manwich Commercial

It's not a sandwich, it's a Manwich! That actually sounds like something Gob Bluth might say, which makes it all the more hilarious when you see Will Arnett in this Manwich commercial from 1987. For the uninitiated: Manwich is a canned sloppy joe product that they try to sell as some sort of testosterone fuel for the working class. This commercial, with the help of a young and apple-cheeked Arnett working as a burger-slinger, tries to tell us that Manwich is like a burger for people who can't afford to go out and eat burgers. But it is so not.

'The Waiting Game'

In 1999, Arnett starred in 'The Waiting Game,' a low-budget indie feature about a group of friends working as waiters while trying to make it as actors in New York. You know, because 1999. In this short clip, witness Arnett with some questionably long hair deal with the classic "it happens to every guy" problem. Bonus: enjoy what is billed on this YouTube video by writer/director Ken Liotti as a "rare" track from Crowded House's Neil Finn. Since something apparently needed to be original about this movie, we guess. Note: The Clip is NSFW

'Sex and the City'

We can't show you the video because HBO apparently plays favorites with copyright policy on the 'net (example: we could show you clips from 'The Wire' on YouTube, but not 'Sex and the City' because priorities?), but you should know that Will Arnett's appearance on 'SATC' was, obviously, hilarious. In the episode, which explores weird kinks, Arnett plays Miranda's new boyfriend -- a guy who loves to have sex in public places. Things are fine and even a bit thrilling, until Miranda suggests they have sex in a bed like normal people. So Arnett takes her home and they get to bumpin' in his bed, but the loud noise proves disruptive... for his mom and dad, who burst in on the pair. Rather than have sex with Miranda in a private bedroom, he's taken her home to have sex while his parents are around, proving his exhibitionist kink is straight-up creepy.

'The Sopranos'

See what we mean? We can't show you a 'Sex and the City' clip, but we can show you a clip from another HBO series -- 'The Sopranos.' In these two short clips, Arnett plays the husband to an FBI agent working to turn Adrianna against her husband Christopher (or, Christofuh) and the mob. He doesn't get much to do in these scenes other than tend to a crying baby and comment on his wife's stupid hair.