Whether or not you think that 'Weeds' has grown a bit wild during its run and should probably be pruned before the quality really dips, there's no arguing that the show makes some impressive art and promotional poster campaigns. How could you not, when you've still got the beautiful (and almost-50!) Mary Louise-Parker as your lead?  As we get ready to light up season 8, take a look at the latest promotional posters!

'Weeds' season 8 will premiere on Showtime on Sunday, July 1 and will hopefully answer that burning question right away: who got smoked?  We thought the mysterious trigger-man in the seventh season finale seemed pretty intent to aim at Nancy Botwin (Mary Louise-Parker) but we all know that certain characters on the show might have...slower reaction time.  So as far as Showtime's concerned, the mystery is afoot!

So, who do you think took the bullet?  Silas?  Doug?  Andy?  Shane (that'd be pretty brutal)?  Or of course, have our suspicions been right all along and Nancy will be the one who ends up with a life-threatening hole?  Just who pulled the trigger, anyway?

In the meantime, check out these bad-ass new posters for the eighth (and potentially final) season of Showtime's 'Weeds,' watch the premiere on Sunday, July 1, and tell us what you're most looking to see in the comments!