You'll be hard pressed to find anyone who wasn't disappointed with 'Silent Hill: Revelation,' but to the film's credit, it certainly got Pyramid Head right. The iconic villain from the 'Silent Hill' movie series and video game franchise is one of the most visually striking and terrifying horror characters in recent memory, so it's only appropriate that we celebrate Halloween today with some absolutely stunning cosplay depicting the character in all of his (its?) brutal glory.

This Pyramid Head cosplay is the work of Andrew Howard of San Antonio, Texas (whom we've previously spotlighted for his take on 'Rocketeer') and as you can imagine, creating it was not a simple process. But the results speak for themselves! Andrew wore the costume to the 2013 Alamo City Comic-Con, the San Antonio zombie walk, and for his work's costume contest today. Um, we think you've won that one, Andrew.

Andrew tells ScreenCrush he began building the costume in late September, dedicating his weekends and free time after work to getting it done. If you're interested in the nitty gritty of how he made this thing, Andrew is certainly not afraid to share!

The sword handle was constructed out of a cedar fence slat, but the blade itself is a massive wedge of styrofoam, carved with a jigsaw, wrapped in packaging tape and painted with a polyester resin. Normally, polyester resin would dissolve styrofoam, but the tape prevented that. He says that he'll use styrofoam safe epoxy resin next time. After that, there was some light sanding, black primer, silver spray paint, a little brown spray paint, some brown shoe polish and a clear-coat spray finish.

The helmet was once a cardboard wardrobe box, but he carved it into the proper shape and repaired any damages and flaws with paper mache. He then hot-glued black cheesecloth over the eyes and mounted a bicycle helmet inside so it could be worn with ease. As for the apron? Wal-Mart. Well, Wal-Mart and various wood stains and a trip to the dryer.

The results are stunning -- Andrew's Pyramid Head looks like he stepped right off of the screen.

For more details on the creation and to see more pics of Howard's Pyramid Head cosplay, click here: Full Cosplay | Helmet | Sword

Courtesy of Andrew Howard
Courtesy of Andrew Howard
Courtesy of Andrew Howard

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