Ben Affleck was not nominated as Best Director for 'Argo' (a film that would later go on to win Best Picture at the Oscars) and lots of people thought this was a big problem. But if a former Reagan-era White House Analyst is to believed, Affleck may have an even bigger problem: being hanged for war crimes.

Barbara Honegger served as a White House Policy Analyst from 1981-1983. Honegger was on the radio earlier this week and revealed that Ben Affleck could be hanged for his work directing 'Argo.' That's the bad news. The good news? She's crazy.

Honegger, some kind of 9/11 truther/conspiracy theorist, went on the "Kevin Barrett Show" - an internet show aimed at 9/11 truthers and conspiracy theorist. Naturally she took the opportunity to present some of her, um, "interesting" opinions on Ben Affleck. Such as:

"'Argo' is intended to prepare the...minds of the American public to accept an attack on Iran."

"[Ben] Affleck is a propaganda arm of the CIA and worse probably."

"I believe Ben Affleck should be put in prison as a collaborator in mass murder."

And lest you thought Honegger reserved her Affleck ire for 'Argo' she also had some choice words for another of Affleck's projects, 'Pearl Harbor,' saying that film was "designed to grease the skids for 9/11. It was a propaganda piece." On 'Pearl Harbor' she added, "It was a horrible film." OK, so at least she's not totally crazy.

We'd spend some time here explaining exactly why this woman (who the host all too quickly agrees with, by the way) thinks Ben Affleck should be put in prison and could be sentenced to death by hanging, but honestly, we listened to the entire interview and still aren't sure we understand the logic. (Essentially, they think that Affleck isn't just playing a CIA operative masking as a filmmaker, he IS a CIA operative masking as a filmmaker. That's some Method acting.)

If you must, the entire audio of Honegger's appearance can be heard here. It should also be noted that the audio drops out a few times and this too is blamed on a government conspiracy. Ben Affleck is stealing your wifi!

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