It’s a Christmas miracle, and in late November, at that. Frequent commercial director Wes Anderson has lent his talents to hip clothing retailer H&M for a new, seasonally appropriate ad campaign that doubles as a sweet little short from the celebrated filmmaker. This being a Wes Anderson joint, certain expectations go without saying: the bit is immaculately composed, lots of zippy camera pans, fetishization of travel via train. But the four-minute clip titled “Come Together” arrives as a pleasant surprise all the same, injecting some much-needed Yuletide cheer into a Monday morning.

On the Winter Express train of H&M Lines, train conductor Ralph (a magnificently mustachioed Adrien Brody) regretfully informs his passengers that inclement conditions and mechanical difficulties have rendered a safe arrival at their destination in time for Christmas an impossibility. Everyone’s bummed, as Anderson shows through an elaborate and typically Andersonian shot that drifts past each tidy compartment, showing its inhabitant reacting to their spoiled plans. But Ralph and his assistant Fritz (Peter Serafinowicz) have a special backup in place for occasions such as this. In the end, the holiday spirit saves the day, as only it could.

This isn’t the first time Anderson’s sold out his artistic integrity to be a stooge in a corporate machine. (That’s the uncharitable read; one could also see the director’s commercial work as a chance to have a little small-scale fun with a generous budget, not to mention a nice paycheck to get him through future feature work.) He’s helmed spots for American Express, Prada, and Stella Artois in the past, always bending the subject material to his stylistic will. All the actors appearing in “Come Together” may be sporting the latest seasonal offerings from H&M, but make no mistake — this is an Anderson project, front to back.

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