Feature-film directors moonlight on 30- and 60-second commercials all of the time. Nike, alone, has recruited such talents as Terry Gilliam, Guy Ritchie and Michael Mann for their marketing spots. Sony, also, has hired geniuses like David Lynch for its gigs. And now Wes Anderson is joining their ranks.Anderson – who one headlined a creative American Express commercial – helmed this minute-long spot for the Sony Xperia smartphone, which the company is hoping to re-introduce into the marketplace. Titled ‘Made of Imagination,’ the commercial uses ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’-type animation to narrate the wonderings of 8-year-old Jake, who tries to explain how he believes three tiny robots live in each phone and help to make them work. As the title suggests, the whole clip drips with imagination. Check it out below:

Anderson’s films, themselves, could be passed off as the whimsical musings of mall children, so pairing him with Jake for this ad campaign is pretty inspired. Don’t be surprised, in our current culture of recycling anything new, if we eventually report that a studio has picked up the rights to Anderson’s robot-in-a-phone pitch with plans to turn it into a three-picture franchise.

Until then, Anderson has the eccentric-looking ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ heading toward theaters on May 25 (in limited release). And fans hoping the director drifts back to stop-motion storytelling can go over every frame of this Xperia ad to soak up their needed Anderson fix until that happens. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.