Last night saw the witchy debut of WGN's first original scripted series, 'Salem,' a supernatural new take on the infamous Salem witch trials from '24' producer Brannon Braga. We visited the spooky set to uncover all manner of details on the productions, also getting the sinful details from cast members Shane West, Janet Montgomery, 'Arrow''s Seth Gabel and more!

We were lucky enough to speak to the 'Salem' cast in pairs direct from the Louisiana set, including 'Nikita' star Shane West and 'Made in Jersey''s Janet Montgomery, portraying native son John Alden and John's former lover turned powerful witch Mary Sibley, respectively. Also on hand were 'Fringe' vet Seth Gabel as fervor-fanning town aristocrat Cotton Mather, and ‘Revenge’ star Ashley Madekwe as the mysterious Tituba, who both opened up to explore the historical deviations of their characters.

In addition, we spoke to Xander Berkley (Magistrate Hale) and 'The Tudors' vet Tamzin Merchant (Anne Hale) for a taste of the pair's father-daughter relationship beyond the pilot episode and the manner in which 'Salem' tweaks history to put women in control of their own destinies. Finally, 'Mob City' star Iddo Goldberg (Isaac) and Elyse Eberle (Mercy Lewis) gave us a taste of the finer points of possession, and the twisted morality behind each character's individual 'Salem' plight.

You can check out our chats with the cast of 'Salem' above and below, but stay tuned for more interviews with set designer Seth Reed, director-producer David Von Ancken and Brannon Braga himself! Were you bewitched by the first of what WGN's 'Salem' had to offer?

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