You've got to hand it to Marvel: they sure do like keeping their secrets. What we know about the upcoming sequels to 'Captain America' and 'Thor' could fill a thimble (maybe two), so it always feels like we're grasping at straws when it comes to keeping you fine readers up to date regarding the latest superhero movie news. However, one of the biggest questions about the currently-filming 'Thor: The Dark World' looks like it has an answer. That question: will Tom Hiddleston's Loki be making an appearance?

The short answer: Yes! Of course he is! And now, the long answer.

Every piece of news we've heard about the film so far (including the incredibly vague official synopsis) has neglected to let us know if everyone's favorite deceitful/"puny" god will be facing down his heroic brother for a third time, but Bleeding Cool has done some detective work and filled in the gaps for us. They stumbled across an Icelandic site called Visir, which claims that 500 extras were required to help film a battle sequence between Thor and Loki. Since 'Thor: The Dark World' is currently shooting in Iceland, this feels like a confirmation, albeit a slightly shaky one.

But if you need more evidence (and we did), you can just look toward the Twitter feed of Mr. Hiddleston himself:

So, Tom Hiddleston is in Iceland, where the sequel to 'Thor' is filming. Unless we're being pranked, that feels reasonably concrete. And if we are being being pranked...well done, guys.

As far as we're concerned, Hiddleston coming back is great news. Loki is a terrific villain and highlight of the Marvel film universe, so we really can't get enough of the guy. Although Christopher Eccleston has already been announced as the actual Big Bad of the film, we're hoping Loki still has plenty to do. After all, why waste a Hiddleston?

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