Granted, it's the beginning of Memorial Day weekend, but some things are simply too incredible to ignore. Guesting on BBC's 'The Graham Norton Show,' Hollywood icon Will Smith surprised the crowd with an impromptu performance of 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air' theme with his son Jaden Smith, DJed by Jazzy Jeff, but that wasn't the last of it, oh no! Carlton himself, Alfonso Ribiero, took the stage and the results are not unusual to be anyone.

You many never feel as old as watching Will Smith's son Jaden perform the famous 'Fresh Prince' theme alongside his father, but that won't stop the madcap glee of what comes next in the above video from the most recent 'Graham Norton Show.' Not only did the 'After Earth' stars perform the catchy number, but Alfonso Ribiero himself took the stage for all three to perform Carlton Banks' famous Tom Jones dance, and of course, Sugar Hill Gang's "Apache (Jump On It)."

And who better to awkwardly dance nearby than 'The Hangover Part III' stars Bradley Cooper and Heather Graham? In all seriousness, the delightfully mad performance is the best possible way to kick off our Memorial Day weekends, and likely the greatest thing to have ever happened to the human race, in all of known existence. So, watch it and the classics over and over, and bring on the 'Arrested Development' Sundays!

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