Yesterday we saw a 'Wolverine' motion poster with about two seconds of footage that led to a Vine "tweazer" with about six seconds of footage which leads to today where we have 20 seconds of a 'Wolverine' trailer. God willing tomorrow we'll finally get to see the full thing. Check out the latest Wolverine tease below.

Listen, we dislike this tease of a tease of a tease as much as the next guy but this is how Fox has chosen to reveal their 'Wolverine' trailer and we are all but slaves to their footage. We will say this much: this is probably the best look at the 'Wolverine' trailer to date. Of course, an actual look at the 'Wolverine' trailer will be here in about 24 hours but we digress.

The Vine trailer posted yesterday did the film no favors and tried to condense too much into the six-second format.

This new trailer seems to hint that Silver Samurai is looking to "cure" Wolverine of "what they did" (namely the adamantium fused to his skeleton). It also shows Wolverine in a swords vs. claws battle that doesn't look anything like how Wolverine would fight. Wolverine would fight like Vin Diesel and The Rock in 'Fast Five' - straight-up, knock-down-drag-out brawl. But alas, this is the 'Wolverine' movie we're getting.

Take a look at the latest 'Wolverine' trailer tease below and get ready for the final trailer to premiere tomorrow.