The trailer for 'The Woman in Black: Angel of Death' puts the emphasis on the tease, showing off very little actual footage but a whole lot of atmosphere. And that's for the best: with no big name star this time around, the sequel is going to sell itself on its horror, not the fact that a grown-up Harry Potter is leading the show.

The first 'The Woman in Black' was a modest box office success, riding Daniel Radcliffe's starpower and a collection of truly creepy scares to a solid gross. A sequel was always going to happen. However, the first film ended rather, uh, definitively for Radcliffe's character, so its not surprising that the sequel jumps forward 40 years. The sequel takes place during World War II and follows a group of schoolchildren who are sent to the horribly haunted Eel Marsh House to escape the London Blitz. But instead of bombs, they find themselves facing a vengeful and totally unreasonable lady ghost.

'War Horse' star Jeremy Irvine steps in for Radcliffe this time around, playing the token adult and relative newcomer Tom Harper is behind the camera this time around. Although the film doesn't have an American release date yet, it's set to open in the U.K. on February 15, 2015, so we suspect it'll open stateside soon after that.