Warner Bros, so far, has succeeded mightily in getting us all very, very hype for this summer’s Wonder Woman: the poster releases have been gorgeous, and the one full-length trailer we’ve seen looks stunning. Today, we have more good news: a new trailer for the movie will drop tomorrow, and, to whet our appetites, here’s a short look of what we can expect.

But first, Gal Gadot herself wants to thank us all for our support, and for loving the beautiful new poster for the movie that debuted this morning. There’s a good chance the “surprise” she hints at is probably the new trailer.

In the new short clip, Diana battles Robin Wright’s General Antiope, who, between blows from her sword, gives Diana some advice: never expect the battle to be fair. Well, it looks like our hero has some tricks up her sleeve — erm, well, the tricks happen to be her sleeves.

When we first met Wonder Woman in Batman v. Superman, she already had the confidence and strength that comes from being an experienced warrior. But in the new film, we’ll see her upbringing and her origins, as she transforms from a naive Amazon into a wise and powerful superhero. And with those bracers on her arms, her God Killer sword, and the lasso of truth, she’s not someone anyone wants to mess with.

Wonder Woman hits theaters June 2, 2017.

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