ScreenCrush’s WookieeLeaks is a weekly roundup of everything 'Star Wars'! From 'Star Wars: Episode 7,' to the upcoming spinoffs and the TV shows, if it pertains to that long ago, far away galaxy, we’re covering it here, bringing you our expert analysis. This week, new concept art reveals exciting new aspects of 'Star Wars: Episode 7,' new set images reveal a small change for the Millennium Falcon, and Oscar Isaac and Carrie Fisher chat about the saga.

New Concept Art Teases Epic Action and a New Stormtrooper

After a few weeks of silence, the folks over at Indie Revolver have unleashed a new batch of leaked concept art, giving us a look at new 'Star Wars: Episode 7' details and probably raising J.J. Abrams' blood pressure a bit.

The first of them is one of the most dramatic things we've seen from this production yet. As you can see below, the art shows a Jedi and a Sith dueling in a forest while someone looks on, blaster at the ready. The Millennium Falcon looms behind them and based on that lighting, it may be on fire.

Indie Revolver

It's certainly a dramatic scene and we're suckers for the idea of an intimate lightsaber duel to the death. Everything about this image screams "original trilogy" and that's jut plain fantastic.

The second piece of concept art isn't as cinematic, but it's just as cool. After months of rumors about "chrome Stormtroopers," this piece of art confirms their existence.

Indie Revolver

We had been hearing buzz that Gwendoline Christie's character would be one of these chrome Stormtroopers, but Indie Revolver's report suggests otherwise. According to them, these guys may be private mercenaries working for Adam Driver's mysterious villain. Here are the full details, but tread cautiousy. If true, these could be minor spoilers:

The chrome troopers do not actually wear a hood or covering in the film. The metal collar stands up from the torso armor and curves up on the sides before dipping down again at the back.

We’ll never post rumors as genuine news or fact here, but we love nothing more than to speculate with you! Let’s take a few leaps and try to guess how this guy may fit in: A couple sources have expressed that the chrome troopers are a private security force for Adam Driver’s character – silver mercenary rent-a-cops rather than true Imperial Forces for Adam Driver’s character. While we’ve not heard this from anyone directly, the most abundant rumor about Driver is that he’s a wealthy aristocrat with an interest in Sith artifacts.  So is this (design) just a natural result of bringing the prequels’ Doug Chiang back as production designer lead concept artist.

We love the idea of a galaxy so shattered and divided that there are multiple kinds of Stormtroopers working for various different sides. The world of 'Star Wars: Episode 7' sounds messy ... and messy always leads to great drama and conflict.

More Set Pics Show Off More Ships

We're a few weeks past our first aerial look at the 'Star Wars: Episode 7' set arrived, but the pics keep on coming in and they keep on getting clearer and closer. A Spanish site called 20 Minutos has the latest batch and while they don't offer us anything completely new, they are technically the best images yet.

20 Minutos
20 Minutos
20 Minutos
20 Minutos

Take special notice of that last image: the Millennium Falcon's dish is now square, which is the design's only major change from the original trilogy. Fans will remember that the original dish was lost during the second battle of the Death Star in 'Return of the Jedi' when the ship was under Lando's control. Well, there's the replacement!

Old and New Cast Comments

There was no way Entertainment Weekly was going to get Oscar Isaac to actually drop any real secrets about 'Star Wars: Episode 7' in their recent interview with him, but he did talk about the production in general. First, he spoke about working with the original actors and how actual sets and props have elevated the production:

EW: Have you had much interactions with the original trio of Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, and Mark Hamill on or off-screen?

Oscar Isaac: Yeah, I have. Both. They’re such funny people. Carrie is hilarious and doing such cool work. Harrison is back. He went on hiatus for a little while, but he’s 150 percent back. It’s pretty amazing to see him bounce back. He looks incredible. Everyone’s having a really good time. J.J. sets that tone. There’s a lot of enthusiasm and it’s being done with a lot of heart. There’s nothing cynical about the way we’re doing this. Even the in way he’s shooting it—he’s shooting on film and actually building the sets, so you’ve got hundreds of Stormtroopers or whatever, and hundreds of extras and all the ships. You actually see it. It’s all real. Everyone can interact with the world.

After that, he commented on leaked images (sorry, Mr. Isaac) and the franchise's habit of creating memorably cheesy lines of dialogue:

EW: What do you think of this culture of leaked photos from set and this insatiable hunger for specific details about this new installment?

Oscar Isaac: People want to know all those special things and when those iconic moments are going to happen, but if all that gets revealed beforehand I feel like it robs people of that moment when they’re sitting there watching it for the first time.

EW: The original Star Wars, of which you’ve said you’re a big fan, are filled with cheesy lines and dialogue which the actors have not shied away from criticizing over the years. How does this compare?

Oscar Isaac: Yeah. [Laughs] I’m constantly looking for a cheesy line to say to harken back to the old ones. No, what they’re trying to do and what’s really great is J.J.’s been loosening it up a little bit and trying to make it alive and energized. It’s not formal. They’re messy, energized people. We’ve all intentionally tried to do that. Just make it a little more fiery and messy.

Elswhere, the IB Times spoke with Princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher. Although she's had her fair share of criticism for the saga over the decades, she now seems to have come to terms with the fact that she'll always be Leia Organa to millions of people:

I love making them. Star Wars has been my whole life. It wasn’t this deal with the devil, it’s this deal with Disney. It’s like summer camp for droids. The new actors are great. I go: ‘Just you wait till you get a fanbase that’s going to follow you around for 40 years!’ ... I am Leia and Leia is me. We’ve overlapped each other because my life has been so cartoony or superhero-like. By this age, it would be ridiculous if I had a problem with it. Most people are really nice, even if you’re tattooed on their arm.

Here's the big question: which actor will be the first to accidentally drop a major story spoiler and incur the wrath of J.J. Abrams? So far, everyone has proven surprisingly adept at not answering the questions we really want answered!

'Star Wars Rebels' Enters the Final Phase of its Marketing

It wouldn't be a new edition of WookieeLeaks without a handful of new trailers for 'Star Wars Rebels.' You probably know whether or not you're going to watch this thing by now, but feel free to click on the embeds below if you need to inject some kind of 'Star Wars' into your veins. Anyway, the series premieres on October 3, so set your DVRs accordingly.

Meanwhile, 'Star Wars Rebels' voice actor  David Oyelowo sat down with Yahoo for an interview and mentioned something that should get your fanboy brain-juices flowing:

There are very exciting characters that emerge in this, that audiences know and love and they make very surprising appearances within the show itself. There’s a definite wow factor.

We already know that Billy Dee Williams will eventually guest star as Lando and that fan favorites like C-3PO and R2-D2 would be showing up, but does this mean we'll be seeing other new faces? Surely someone has brought up the idea of Han Solo and Darth Vader popping up to say hello.

And finally, fans of 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' now have the chance to give a proper goodbye to their beloved series with 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars Legacy,' a fun video that explores the impact the show had on the saga. This feels like an official goodbye to the series as it is moved out of the way to make room for 'Rebels.'

And Everything Else...

If you're tired of playing Angry Birds Star Wars and need a new way to waste time on your phone instead of actually accomplishing things with your life, Star Wars: Galactic Defense certainly looks like the time waster for you!

Like every other British actor with a name you recognize, former James Bond Roger Moore visited the set of 'Star Wars: Episode 7' and talked about in an interview. In between all of the usual "it was incredible" statements, he mentions that yes, a portion of the film takes place on an ice planet. So much be secretive, 007!

Finally, Peter Crushing fans will be pleased to know that a new Grand Moff Tarkin figure is on the way.