Despite all of the toxic buzz that surrounded it a few months ago, 'World War Z' has been a critical and commercial success, grossing $470 million worldwide. Rather than just breathe a sigh of relief and plan the inevitable sequel, Paramount is looking to milk their zombie epic for all that it's worth. Are you ready to see Brad Pitt battle the undead in IMAX 3D, because that's the plan.

Starting this Friday, August 2, 'World War Z' will begin a week-long run at IMAX theaters. The film was already released in this format internationally, but this will be the first (and probably only) opportunity for American audiences to see a cinematic zombie invasion on a screen the size of their house.

The stories of expensive reshoots and a disastrous production are legion with 'World War Z,' so it's not surprising that the studio is attempting to milk this thing for all that it's worth. We're not sure if seven days of IMAX tickets (for a movie that the target audience has probably already seen) is the trick to helping this thing turn a profit, but hey, all power to them. (It also helps IMAX fill their empty screens for one week until 'Elysium' hits theaters.) 'World War Z' is a pretty good movie and we'd certainly like to see another film set in this world.

What do you think? Would you see or rewatch 'World War Z' in IMAX 3D? Would you be able to stomach director Marc Forster's shaky-cam style on a screen that big?

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