Zombies on TV have been pretty well locked down since 'The Walking Dead' became a putrid pop culture phenomenon that has since spawned its own spinoff, just as vampires had previously been covered by the likes of 'Buffy,' 'True Blood' and beyond. What better alternative than to pit the two against one another in a TV adaptation of 'World War Z' creator Max Brooks' 'The Extinction Parade'?

Take this with a grain of salt (or garlic), but Bleeding Cool reports that Brooks' Avatar Press comic book 'The Extinction Parade' has entered development as a TV adaptation for "one of the most successful production companies in Hollywood." Avatar Press owns the publication, though reportedly declined to offer comment on the story, as Bleeding Cool writer Rich Johnston claims to have "learned the rumor independently."

For those unfamiliar with the property, 'The Extinction Parade' builds on an earlier short story penned by Brooks (author of the original 'World War Z,' before Brad Pitt's scarf made an uncredited rewrite), in which the zombie apocalypse becomes complicated by the existence of vampires, who go to war with the undead to preserve their food source, and thereby their own race.

It isn't altogether surprising to learn that another studio might look to capitalize on the TV zombies trend, as even foreign offerings like Sundance's 'The Returned' have stirred a bit of buzz lately. Adding vampires into the mix could well turn even more heads, understandably making 'The Extinction Parade' and the name recognition of Max Brooks an attractive prospect.

What say you? Would you be interested to see a TV take on 'The Extinction Parade,' or has the zombie well run dry?

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