The first of what we can presume to be many 'World War Z' viral videos has hit, a public service announcement about a terrifying wave of violence and chaos known as "Crisis Zero." Watch it after the break!

The 'World War Z' viral video gives us a peek at the first stages of the global epidemic that will eventually become "World War Z." A representative from the "Global Health Agency" speaks about the inexplicable plague that is rushing across the planet. At this point, it seems as though no one has quite figured out the cause of the disease, nor any cure, but the speaker warns us that this is now a global problem and we must all stick together if we're to survive. No mention of the "z" word though.

These viral vids are always fun, especially for people who aren't quite aware what movie is being promoted. (We're frightened to think of the unlucky few who take something like this seriously!) It will be interesting to find out how far Paramount Pictures decides to go with these.

'World War Z' opens on June 21st.