The apocalypse is all the rage at the multiplexes right now - from the end of days depicted in 'This is The End' to the zombie menace erupting in 'World War Z', we just can't escape the Earth's extinction. (And that's not mentioning the unthinkable destruction seen in 'Man of Steel'.) But, if we're all really going to get wiped out, it might as well be in the most amusing way possible - that's where Edgar Wright's 'The World's End' comes in.

A new trailer for the sci-fi comedy has hit, one which notes the sad truth that this is the culmination of the massively entertaining "Cornetto Trilogy" created by Wright and his writing partner-lead actor Simon Pegg: It started with 'Shaun of the Dead', continued with 'Hot Fuzz' and now finishes with 'The World's End'. This isn't to say that the two will never make a movie together again (we'd be utterly shocked if this turns out to be the case), but there's no question that we're witnessing the end of a wacky era.

But what a way to go out! 'The World's End' brings all of our favorite elements from the previous Wright-Pegg films to the forefront: the upending of familiar genre elements, the mixture of low-brow and high-brow comedy, the goofy male bonding and the fence-jumping. We're so in.

'The World's End' goes nuts in theaters on August 23.