If you happen to be in the public beta for the new Xbox 360 dash update, you'll notice a few changes. One of the biggest features coming is the removal of Microsoft Points in favor of real money for purchases. But nothing is ever that simple when it comes to Microsoft.

Though many participants signed off on a non-disclosure agreement, that didn't stop anonymous tipsters from informing Eurogamer about the price increases. For now, it appears this instance is limited to U.K. customers, as the currency translation of Microsoft Points to pounds sterling isn't very favorable.

Of course, the conversion isn't the only issue. The prices of the games themselves have increased, too. Titles that were previously 1600MSP (£13.60) are now £14.99, 1200MSP (£10.20) games are now £11.99, and so on. Even if these prices fall more in line with what the games cost, the disparity in what the points were worth when purchased versus what they're worth in use is quite glaring. Persons with loads of points are ostensibly set to be screwed by the process, as points must be converted to real monies, otherwise they will be forfeit.

Hopefully this issue doesn't find its way stateside, but for a policy that many people championed, it sure isn't working out in their favor at the moment.