After some trying times for Microsoft's Xbox One, the company has decided to reverse its stance on DRM and always-online connectivity, though at the expense of some actual good features.

Microsoft pulled the ol' 180 on Wednesday night, delivering the news via Xbox Wire. No longer will the Xbox One need to go online every 24 hours. No longer will the Xbox One be region-locked. With those announcements comes the news the Xbox One will allow you to trade, rent, borrow, or lend any game disc you want. Of course, now all discs must be in the tray for the game to play, and it's not entirely clear if the games will still have to be downloaded to the Xbox One hard drive.

Of course, these policy changes come at the expense of 10-person sharing, and taking your gaming library wherever, whenever digitally. Now you'll have to take the disc wherever you go if you want to enjoy the game, and no one will be able to play any games without said disc. Still, the news is good. Even if things aren't changing from the way they're run this generation, at least Microsoft's terrible ideas won't ever take root.