We've seen many a short film and YouTube clip lead to successful careers, but we've yet to see a fan film turn into a real career. That is, until today. Dan Trachtenberg has been hired to helm New Line's adaptation of 'Y: The Last Man.'

This news was broken by Deadline Hollywood, and Trachtenberg -- if you recall -- directed the 'Portal' fan fiction film. It was obviously meant as a calling card, and it worked. New Line has been trying to get 'Y: The Last Man' off the ground for years, and at one point has 'Disturbia' helmer D. J. Caruso attached with Shia LaBeouf rumored to star, but that may have dried up after Caurso's would-be franchise-starter 'I Am Number Four' flopped at the box office.

The premise of the comic book is that Yorrick (the Y of the title) and his monkey are the only males to survive a plague that has turned the world into a dangerous post-apocalypse, and Yorrick is the only chance to repopulate the Earth (while all he wants is to see his ex-girlfriend). Considering that Trachtenberg has never helmed a feature film before, his hiring suggests that this is going to be of a much smaller scale, and possibly done as found footage. We'll keep you posted on how this moves forward as more news develops.

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