Losing Yondu was one of the great tragedies inflicted upon us by Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but in Hollywood, no one truly dies. If actors are game to suit up a few more times and sit through all those hours in the makeup chair for a small cameo, anyone can return to the Marvel Universe. Yondu’s Thor: Ragnarok cameo, for example, isn’t even in the movie. It’s in a deleted scene filmed for a laugh.

Right before the giant final confrontation in Thor: Ragnarok, we’re treated to a crisis of faith. Not Thor’s, or even Loki’s, but Skurge’s — a.k.a. goddess of death Hela’s right-hand man. She employs him to be her executioner when she makes her way back to Asgard, but he discovers that he doesn’t much like executing the innocent. In this deleted scene, right before he’s about to turn on Hela and say no, Skurge’s big moment is interrupted by a certain blue-faced Ravager returned from the dead.

“Easy does it, hoss,” Yondu yells at Skurge, before asking the crowd gathered, “You know where Kevin and Lou’s offices are, y’all?” The Kevin and Lou he’s referring to are no doubt Marvel heads Kevin Feige and Louis D’Esposito, so maybe this means Yondu is angling for a comeback. You can just hear what I think is Taika Waititi’s voice saying, “They’re that way!” before the clip ends.

Thor: Ragnarok is available digitally now, and will be out on home video March 6.

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