Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett are the duo responsible for 'You're Next,' a fantastically fun horror flick that won't be released until next August, but the pair are already lining up their next project: Warner Bros. has just signed Wingard and Barrett to adapt 'Dead Spy Running,' based on the series of novels by Jon Stock.

Deadline reports that 'Dead Spy Running' is currently on the fast track at the studio, with McG on board to produce for his Wonderland Sound and Vision banner. Adam Wingard has been hired to direct, while his partner Simon Barrett will rewrite the project, which has already had previous drafts from Stephen Gaghan and Jamie Moss.

The story follows Danny Marchant, a young, up and coming DJ who's making it big in electronic music (yeah, okay), but he's torn from his world and paired with a beautiful CIA agent when his father -- an agent for MI6 -- is killed and he's framed for the murder. Danny uses his DJ skills and training as he comes face to face with espionage and danger, bringing him closer to facing his ultimate threat: a terrorist out to ruin civilization as we know it.

Yes, there is a movie being made about a DJ spy. If there's anyone who we trust to handle this absurd premise, it's Wingard and Barrett, for sure.