FX anti-romcom You’re The Worst may have a slightly less convenient living arrangement by its Season 2 move to FXX, but that’s oddly appropriate for where our core couple left off in Season 1. Before the September 9 premiere, gird your liver against five new trailers for Jimmy and Gretchen’s obviously-doomed cohabitation.

Following a few of the earlier teases, the first full trailer for the season has arrived, along with four additional smaller spots, each one worth it for the new footage. In between everyone getting blitzed out of their minds (minus Edgar), Lindsay seems to be falling far harder than any of her friends, even without waking up atop a stolen Google Maps-mobile.

Elsewhere of You’re The Worst Season 2, we know that Weeds and Tyrant star Justin Kirk and Tara Summers will guest star as a couple whose lives are thrown into chaos after meeting Gretchen (Aya Cash). Additionally, Season 2 of the FXX-transferred comedy will feature Collette Wolfe as Edgar (Desmin Borges)’ new friend, alongside The Office star Andy Buckley as Jimmy (Chris Geere)’s agent, and Hung / Spider-Man 2 star Mageina Tovah as Paul’s new love interest.

Be the best, and watch every inch of new You’re The Worst Season 2 footage above and below, before the September 9 premiere.