For nearly thirty years people have been trying to commit John Kennedy Toole's 'A Confederacy of Dunces' to film. Over those years John Belushi, John Candy, Will Ferrell, Harold Ramis, David Gordon Green, and Steven Soderbergh (among others) have been attached or rumored to be working on it. Now it looks like Zach Galifianakis will finally bring it to the big screen.

'The Muppets' director James Bobin is attached to helm the project, while a script is being worked on by Phil Johnston - who wrote 'Cedar Rapids' and the upcoming 'Nebraska' - according to Vulture. It's being produced by Scott Rudin for Paramount pictures.

This is kind of a big deal, and if it works out right, it could lead to Galifianakis getting an Oscar nomination. Though the book is darkly funny, it's a challenging and great role for the comedian - or will be if it's done right. Bobin is a good to great choice as the director, though this would definitely test him, while Galifianakis has always had the inner darkness that could make this work on screen.

Because many of the people who've been attached have passed away (Belushi, Candy and Chris Farley), it will be nice to see the filmmakers break the supposed curse on the project. That said, thirty years is a long time to be in development.