It's getting to be that time of year when networks roll out their Upfront presentations, shoring up existing series for next year, though ABC, for one, has yet to make many official announcements over its renewed series. Even will all the cancellations and renewals, however, many have begun to announce premiere dates for unpopular series to burn off their remaining episodes, so when can you check out the final episodes of 'Zero Hour,' '666 Park Avenue' and 'Do No Harm'? find out inside!

ABC dramas 'Zero Hour' and '666 Park Avenue,' and NBC's doctor clunker 'Do No Harm' might not have garnered enough attention to save themselves from cancellation, but those hoping to see the remaining episodes of each series won't have to wait much longer for new episodes to premiere. Via TVLine, we've learned that 'Zero Hour' will premiere the first of its remaining episodes on Saturday, June 15, very likely thereafter to be joined on June 22 by the remaining episodes of supernatural soap '666 Park Avenue.'

Meanwhile, NBC's critically panned Jekyll and Hyde doctor drama 'Do No Harm' will premiere its remaining episodes on Saturday, June 29, one month to the day after fellow ratings dud 'Smash' airs its likely series finale. Viewers will remember that for all its promotion, 'Do No Harm' provided NBC with one of the least-watched premieres in history, having its plug pulled after only two episodes.

What say you? Will you watch any of the remaining episodes of 'Zero Hour,' '666 Park Avenue' or 'Do No Harm'?

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