This past weekend saw the Coachella Music Festival descend on the deserts of Indio, California for a multi-day celebration of artistic expression, obscenely expensive designer drugs, and that thing where white women dress up in traditional Native American garb. Among such Top 40 stalwarts and tastemaker-blog darlings as Kendrick Lamar, Radiohead and Lady Gaga, an unexpected name claimed the mainstage: German composer of film scores Hans Zimmer, bringing his touring act to new highs for the festival attendees. Above, you’ll find the most complete, cleanly-recorded account of Zimmer’s massive live show to date, in which the multiple Academy Award-winner shreds with the best of them.

Zimmer’s set included selections from his urgent, driving Inception score, much to the delight of the gathered audience. He filled out the rest of his time with a mix of instantly recognizable scores old and new, from his superhero work on The Dark Knight to slightly older works, such as his oft-recycled Thin Red Line score and his Gladiator accompaniment. Zimmer translated the orchestral format to a live-concert setting with surprising skill, recasting some string lines as fiery guitar solos and allowing the called-for epic drum break at just the right moment.

Zimmer’s tour will continue around America this summer, and for many, this video will act as a persuasive advertisement for the ticket. Why don’t more film composers do this, by the way? Desplat, get out there and earn yourself a new boat. For more, Zimmermania, here’s the performance of his DC scores for Man of Steel and Wonder Woman from the opening night of Zimmer’s tour.

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