This might be too much hotness for one screen. ‘Avatar’ star Zoe Saldana and ‘Transformers’ vixen Megan Fox are set to team up for the upcoming action film 'Swindle.' Even better? the project allegedly hatched out of Saldana and Fox’s desire to collaborate on a story.

Deadline is reporting ‘Swindle,’ described as an action-heist picture, is currently set up at Paramount.  While plot details are being kept under wraps for right now, it will feature two beautiful woman kicking butt.

It’s refreshing, however, to see a studio greenlight a legitimate action story structured around strong female protagonists. Outside of the occasional ‘Salt’ or ‘Haywire’, the action genre remains a one-sided boy’s club. Maybe the tide is turning. Maybe younger actresses like Gina Carano, Saldana and Fox can steal pieces of the spotlight away from the aging action heroes. And maybe ‘Swindle’ is a step in that direction. We shall see.

Speaking of, Saldana is committed to filming Abrams’ ‘Star Trek’ sequel, and also signed on for ‘Blood Ties’ with Clive Owen, which could push the ‘Swindle’ start date to the back burner. That shouldn’t be an issue, though, as De Luca still needs to hire a ‘Swindle’ director, and that filmmaker needs to fill out his or her cast.