It seems one of the hardest things to do in Hollywood is get a Bio-pic made about a famous musician. Perhaps Oliver Stone's 'The Doors' is to blame. Regardless, we've seen recent movement on some famous bio-pics recently, and we've just heard that Zoe Saldana is now attached to play Nina Simone in 'Nina.'

The Grid reports that Saldana is attached to 'Nina' with Cynthia Mort, best know for writing 'The Brave One' attached as writer and director. About two years ago, Mary J. Blige was tapped to play the lead, but that didn't come to pass. It seems the blueprint for that was Diana Ross' success playing Billie Holiday in 'Lady Sings the Blues.' We're unsure of Saldana's pipes, but if she's going to play it, either she's got a gift we haven't heard, she's in training, or she'll be lip-synching.

We've also recently heard that Martin Scorsese got a writer for his 'Sinatra' bio-pic, there's been some recent casting on a Janis Joplin film, and Don Cheadle still mentions wanting to make his Miles Davis movie. As there will shortly be a rash of films based on stories from the Bible, perhaps we're about to see a wave of films about musicians.