Martin Scorsese's 'Sinatra' project has been kicking around for years now, but the director has a new writer for the project: 'Hunger Games' and 'Breach' writer Billy Ray. Will the script finally make it to screen this time around?

As the Playlist reports, Scorsese's 'Sinatra' project got a kick in the head last year when producer Scott Rudin ('The Social Network') got involved. The original script was written by Phil Alden Robinson, writer of 'Field of Dreams' and 'Sneakers.' And just a few months back in April Scorsese announced he would once again be taking meetings regarding 'Sinatra' while working on his upcoming drama 'The Wolf of Wall Street.'

A new script is forthcoming from writer Billy Ray, who most recently wrote 'The Hunger Games.' Also on his resume: 'Color of Night' (or, 'The Bruce Willis' Butt Movie'), 'Flightplan,' 'Breach,' 'Volcano,' and 'State of Play.' That's not a very consistent resume, but we trust Scorsese to make the right call with a project this close to his heart. We were all a little worried about 'Hugo,' and that film turned out to be sort of magnificent.

But who will fill the shoes of Old Blue Eyes? Logic (and history) tells us it might be Leonardo DiCaprio. Scorsese had this to say when asked about it previously:

"We could go for an unknown. Maybe the person who plays him isn't important. Maybe it's distracting to have a star in that role. Yet, you can't have someone else sing! It's got to be Sinatra's voice. It's tricky. It's filled with problems – and whatever you do, there's always going to be people who don't like it, so you have to find something special. And I think I've found it. Now's the time to execute it on the page."

These decisions seem like a long way off, considering a final script hasn't even been produced yet, but we're excited for Scorsese to finally make this film, regardless of the particulars.

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